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As one of the UK's leading Dahlia specialists we stock over 250 varieties in a wide range of colours and classifications which can be used for Cut Flowers, Exhibiting or Garden Display. Each year we produce almost 100,000 Dahlia plants and 40,000 Chrysanthemum plants. These are sent via our Mail Order service throughout the U.K., or may be collected from our nursery. We are now booking order for mini plants for early to mid April at the earliset though some varieties may not be avaialble until later depending on growth. It is always difficult to be precise. Pre ordering is essential to enable us to fulfil  your order.

Our standard carriage and packing charge for delivery to mainland UK is £6.95 per order. See "Terms and Conditions" for full details of carriage and packing.  

We have many loyal and enthusiastic customers across the country, some of whom we have been proud to serve for over 50 years! We also supply a number of wholesale trade customers as well as National Trust Properties and other large gardens. As one of the UK's leading Dahlia suppliers, all enquiries are welcome.

Our Dahlia fields which are planted out 2nd week June, are open for viewing from mid August to end September each year daily from 10am to 4.30pm. Almost 6500 plants are in the fields in nearly 350 varieties including 75 or so on trial from amateur breeders and from growers overseas. Potentially the best of these could be included in our catalogue in future years.

Our Trade displays have gained us many Gold Medals since my Grandfather first started exhibiting in 1933 and we would regularly visit flower shows staging Chrysanthemums, Dahlias and cut Herbaceous! We will again be exhibiting at Harrogate Autumn Show- to be held this year from the 18th-20th September 2015. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Throughout the year we will be providing display plants for the National Dahlia Society for use on its bureaus at the Northern shows where they are attending. We will again be hosting an Open Day for the National Gardens Scheme on September 13th.

Dahlias are offered in 3 forms:

ALL varieties offered have been thoroughly tested on the nurseries and they are offered with complete confidence.

DAHLIA POT TUBERS  : The tubers we offer are dahlias which have been grown for a full season in the confines of a 4” or 5” pot, so that a small compact tuber is produced. They are ideal material for the exhibitor with a heated greenhouse or propagator to enable their own propagation. Tubers are available from DECEMBER to FEBRUARY and are packed in polythene sleeves with vermiculite. We strongly advise unpacking on arrival and if necessary store tubers in a cool frost free environment until required for setting away. A minimum of 50F (10 C) is required for propagation, water sparingly until growth is evident.Should any tuber fail to have shown any signs of growth by the end of March then please contact us so we can aim to organise replacements as rooted cuttings.

PLEASE NOTE- pot tubers cannot be despatched with Mini plants, pot grown or Chrysanthemums due to differing availability times. Please submit separate orders.


DAHLIA MINI PLANTS : These are strong rooted cuttings for those customers who have the facilities for potting up and growing on under glass, minimum 50F (10 C). Delivery is during APRIL to MAY only. We will make every effort to supply during the week requested but orders must be in the office at least FIVE WEEKS BEFORE the order is required. No Mini Plant orders (except for our special collections) are accepted after 20th April.

POT GROWN PLANTS : For delivery to mainland UK only. Available end May/early June only these are grown in a 7cm "paper" pot and are "garden ready". They can safely be planted straight out into the garden after a couple of days acclimatising and as long as all risk of frost is over.

Classification: The classification on Dahlias is based on the NDS Classified Directory 2012, 31st Edition. Some varieties of recent introduction have not yet been classified, so we have included them in what we consider to be the correct classification after trial on the nursery. It is important to note that some varieties have been re-classified and that dual classifiaction has also bee re-introduced for a number of varieties.

(more information at http://www.dahlia-nds.co.uk or see our advice centre for additional links.

EXPORT : We are able to export Chrysanthemums, Dahlia mini plants and Pot Tubers to all EU countries. Our web site does not allow for orders to be placed by customers residing outside the Uk due to the extra carriage charges and also because of varying plant health requirements. WE therefore request that you please e-mail with a list of varities you are interested in and we will confirm prices and requrements.

CARRIAGE CHARGES TO EUROPE (EU Member countries only)- Unfortunately owing to delays in delivery to Europe and Eire we feel we have no option but to send all such orders via International Courier. This however means a MINIMUM charge of £30.00 will apply for orders up to 25 plants. For 26 or more plants the charge will be £39.00.

Outside the EU we are only able to supply Pot Tubers and then only to those countries that allow imports. For full details of our ability to export Dahlia tubers outside the UK please visit http://www.hallsofheddon.co.uk/exporting-dahlias



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